2009 Nissan Qazana Concept

The Nissan Qazana concept is officially a look at what the future of smallish five-seat crossovers could look like, but Nissan has already announced a baby Qashqai is scheduled for European markets and the Qazana is likely a thinly-veiled preview of the production car. Qazana is supposed to be a cross between a beach buggy and a four-wheel motorcycle and inspire fun behind the wheel.
Like most small crossovers, the Qazana is assumed to be ideal for urban environments and commuting, but also adept at whisking the owner away for a weekend in the wild. The grille of the Qazana is clearly related to the crossover and the face isn’t for everyone. Interestingly enough, the shape of the windows looks eerily similar to that of the Aston Martin Lagonda concept.
Not only is the Qazana supposed to embody the spirit of a four-wheel motorcycle, but the interior actually has design cues from motorcycles. The center console and arm rest look like the fuel tank and seat of a sport bike. Paul Ray, senior interior designer at Nissan Design Europe, said: “I enjoy the sensation of being at one with my bike and wanted to capture that feeling in Qazana.” A large touch-screen display manages everything from the climate control system to the navigation system, and it can also graphically display the torque split of the all-wheel drive system in real time.
Nissan didn’t release any information on the powertrain of the concept, but electric and hybrid vehicles have been hot topics for Nissan and Infiniti at the Geneva motor show. Perhaps a production version of the crossover will offer a hybrid option, but we won’t know until the vehicle is much closer to production.

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