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2009 Nissan GT-R

I’m still not sure how I ended up with the bright red on a Friday night, but I can’t complain. Within a few hours of leaving the office, I was stopped at a traffic light when a guy came running up to the car and asked for a ride. I said no initially, but then realized he was one of the few people in my town who could recognize the car and appreciate it. I told him to follow me and he could go for a short ride. He didn’t say a whole lot, but launch control tends to leave passengers speechless.

At first, I thought the GT-R was too insanely fast for the street. I know tuners are hard at work upping the power of the GT-R and I couldn’t imagine wanting more power in the car. Then I spent a full day living with the GT-R. After a few hours behind the wheel, I was looking for a little more thrust. It’s amazing how addictive the power can be. The happiest times for me were getting the keys to the car, and then safely returning those keys knowing I hadn’t gotten a ticket or wrecked the car.

I wouldn’t want the GT-R for a daily driver, though it’s probably a touch more practical than a in daily life. I would want the GT-R as part of a car collection. It offers a different experience than a Porsche 911, , or Corvette Z06. I respect the GT-R for what it brings to the table, but if you’re shopping for the ultimate toy for street and track, I can’t say it’s my first choice.