New Car Reviews

2009 Nissan GTR

This car amazes me, but it doesn’t excite me. All of the (really heavy?) computers packed inside do their jobs and do them well, making the GT-R very easy to drive fast. Want to launch the car with one g of acceleration at your back? Flip the right combination of switches, plant the brake and throttle pedals to the floor and then let up on the brakes. The car will do the rest and produce repeatable 11-second quarter-mile times while it’s at it. Though the acceleration is astonishing, there isn’t much feeling of speed until you really get into it, and by that point it’s time for the authorities to intervene.

The car looks very Japanese, which I usually find charming, but I’m no fan of the styling. There’s just too much going on up front and the rear looks really chunky. That said, people notice this car on the road. It certainly has road presence, and the red paint on our test car made it that much harder to miss.

The exhaust note isn’t pleasing at all. Rapid-fire shifts at highway speed remind me of the sound of a kitchen mixer switching from blend to whip.

I completely respect the car and what it can do; I just wish it weren’t so big and sterile.