2009 Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG

When I first saw pictures of the SL refresh, and again when I saw the car in the “flesh” at the New York show, I wasn’t sold on the new looks. This car changed all of that. The aggressive front end is truly at home on this AMG model.

I agree entirely with Lorio’s comments. After driving a C-class wrapped around this amazing motor a few weeks ago, I didn’t think much could be better. But add in the new 7-speed auto that replaces the torque converter with a clutch, as well as an even LOUDER exhaust system, and shifting up and down between third and fourth gears on the highway becomes that much more entertaining.

And then there’s the wicked-complicated retracting hardtop; watching the thing operate is a joy in itself. I drove around a bit with Air Scarf warming my neck and the ventilated seats cooling my posterior – I was finally able to find the perfect temperature balance for top-down motoring.

Sure, no one needs this car, and an SL550 or SL600 probably makes more sense. But I won’t soon tire of that exhaust note and I’ll put up with the stiffer suspension while I’m still young. Ask me again in twenty years.