2009 McLaren Formula One Car Unveiled

Continuing the recent unveilings of 2009 season Formula One cars, McLaren has unveiled its 2009 competitor and is hoping to win both the Drivers’ Championship and the Constructors’ Championship with it this year.

The McLaren MP4-24, as it is called, continues showing the radical changes made for the 2009 season. However, it bucks the current trend of looking slightly awkward. The car retains the familial look established with the previous MP4-22 and MP4-23 and looks magnificent.

Looks aside, the MP4-24 should be at least as competitive as the MP4-23 that helped Lewis Hamilton win the Drivers’ Championship. The MP4-24 features a smaller rear wing as the new aerodynamic regulations require. The front wing is wider and can now be adjusted by the driver while racing.

As in accordance with the new 2009 season rules, McLaren will also debut its KERS device with the MP4-24. The system has been under development since 2007 and was a joint venture between McLaren and Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines. As with the other cars, the KERS device recovers kinetic energy from braking that is normally lost to heat. The system stores the energy in a battery or a super-capacitor and can be released when the driver pushes a button. The energy storage is capped at 400 kJ.

Unlike Toyota and Ferrari, McLaren has released some specifications on its KERS device. It says that with a fully optimized KERS device, it can give an 80 hp boost for up to 6.7 s per lap.

McLaren will put the MP4-24 through an extensive winter testing program as in-season testing has been banned. The test regimen will be held in Portimao, Jerez, Barcelona, and one private test before the car goes to Melbourne, Australia for the 2009 season opener on March 29th.

Source: F1 Live