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2009 Lotus Europa Diamond Anniversary

We expected Lotus to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary somehow, but perhaps not like this. Witness the 2009 Lotus Europa Diamond Anniversary, a one-off sports coupe adorned with – of course – diamonds.

Apart from a diamond-set emblem on the Europa’s nose, most of the rocks are within the interior. Eleven diamonds adorn a custom shift knob, while the gauge faces are embellished with additional jewels. Lotus claims the Europa wears no less than 110,000 ($197,000) of diamonds, both inside and out.

The diamond theme continues, with inserts for the leather seats and door panels quilted in a diamond pattern. Even the paint – a deep metallic black – hints at gems, with glass flakes embedded into the hue itself (similar to some colors on the ) adding an extra bit of sparkle.

Lotus will publically display the car at its headquarters in Hethel, England, albeit with one caveat: the car, when on display, will wear fake diamonds for security reasons. Did anyone call for a Cubic Zirconium edition?