Honda FC Sport Concept

We never wondered what a cross between the Honda CRX and FCX Clarity would look like, but we’re betting it’d resemble the Honda FC Sport concept, which was unveiled this morning at the 2008 Los Angeles auto show.

Though it uses a similar fuel-cell stack to that in the FCX Clarity, the FC Sport concept is a completely different take on a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. While the five-door FCX Clarity is designed to appeal to families and city dwellers alike, the low-slung FC Sport is more akin to a slinky sports coupe.

That low profile is a product of the flexibility of fuel cell packaging. Designers envision a fuel cell stack between the rear seats, a lithium-ion battery in the middle of the car, and an electric motor just ahead of the rear axle. Although hydrogen storage tanks are mounted above the rear axle, the majority of the FC Sport’s drivetrain is balanced between the axles for optimal weight distribution.

The funky styling may not scream supercar, but designers in Honda’s Advanced Design Studio in Pasadena, California, had other inspirations. The upward-opening canopy is a nod to the jet age, while some visible mechanical bits in back are inspired by a naked motorcyle. We’d argue the only real link to a supercar lies within the cabin itself. The three-seater arrangement – with the driver placed directly in front – is a coy tribute to the McLaren F1.

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