2009 FRANKFURT MOTOR SHOW: Bentley Mulsanne

Not everything shown in Frankfurt is electric or a supercar. Bentley classed up the affair with its new Mulsanne sedan. Though we’ve seen the Mulsanne at Pebble before, now we have a lot more details to go with our photos.

There was never a doubt in our minds the Bentley Mulsanne would be far from underpowered and the 505 hp and 752 lb-ft of torque certainly don’t disappoint. Bentley is using an all-new 6.75-liter twin-turbo V-8 to make those impressive figures. From the engine, all that power makes its way to the 20- or 21-inch wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission. Oh, and the engine supposedly uses less fuel than an Arnage did — not that it’s difficult to best 11 mpg combined on the EPA cycle.

Naturally a Bentley is more about the experience than outright power, so the interior is festooned with all manner of expensive leather, wood, and an optional 2200 watt stereo system. Bentley makes it a point to call out the 170 hours of labor that it takes to hand-craft the interior in its press materials and we’re guessing it could take another 170 hours to peruse all the choices for colors and materials that Bentley is willing to use in a Mulsanne.

Like most new vehicles from the Volkswagen group, the Mulsanne features a Drive Dynamics Control system. However, the big Bentley is the only car to come with a “Bentley” mode in addition to the more pedestrian sport, comfort, and custom modes. There’s no explanation of what the Bentley mode does, but we suppose if you have to ask…