2009 Ford Ka Stars in Next James Bond Movie

If there’s one constant among modern James Bond films, it’s that they’ve become feature-length Ford infomercials (if you can’t spot the Ford product placement in Die Another Day, may we recommend a vision test?).; That tradition appears to live on, as the 2009 Ford Ka will have a cameo in the next film, Quantum of Solace.

According to Ford, the Ka will be piloted by Camille (played by Olga Kurylenko), the latest in a never-ending string of ‘Bond Girls.’; Seeking a car that was reportedly “adventurous, individual, and thoroughly modern,” producers matched the character with the new subcompact.; We see little truly “individual” about the car; aside from the special paint and an unusual radiant stripe pattern on the rear fenders, the majority of the car is bone stock.

Look for the Ka to make its film debut when Quantum of Solace hits theatres in early November.