2009 Ford F-150 Production Calls for 1000 Additional Workers

Ford recently announced that it will rehire 1000 laid-off factory workers to add a third-shift at its Dearborn Truck Plant.

The 2009 F-150 showcases upgrades such as a new six-speed automatic transmission, the three-valve 4.6-liter V-8, and the new Platinum edition F-150.

Despite slow vehicle sales in general, Ford believes the 2009 F-150 will sell in higher volumes than the plant is capable of producing right now. While the new F-150 is a great truck (it won the Truck of Texas Award), this is a questionable move on Alan Mulally’s part. Ford was successful selling F-150s in recent months, but with extreme incentives. Will gas prices remain low enough to help bolster sales of the new F-150, or will we again see F-150s selling for 40 percent off at this time next year?