2009 Chevrolet Traverse is the Most Aerodynamic Lambda

First reviews of the new Chevrolet Traverse have hit the Web, and many are making light of a rather unusual number: 0.33. This is the drag coefficient of Chevy’s new crossover, thanks to a rounded front fascia, a full-width front air dam, integrated headlamps, and tight (reportedly 3.5 mm) panel gaps.

With every automaker attempting to make vehicles more fuel efficient, it makes sense that people like Don Butler, executive director of Chevy truck marketing, have begun highlighting the aerodynamics of crossovers and SUVs. But is 0.33 really such an outstanding drag coefficient? Is it even the best drag coefficient of GM’s Lambda crossover family?

According to the General, Buick’s Enclave and Saturn’s Outlook each have a higher drag coefficient of 0.36, while the GMC Acadia’s 0.34 drag coefficient is only slightly more than that of the Traverse.

Thankfully, these numbers are all lower than the Hummer H2’s 0.57 drag coefficient, but they’re still in the realm of Chevy’s Tahoe hybrid figure (0.34).