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2009 Sneak Preview: New and Future Cadillac Cars

Just like you, we always want to know what’s coming next from Detroit, Tokyo, Stuttgart, Munich, Los Angeles, and all the other places where automotive engineers and designers dream and scheme on our behalf. Car companies, of course, are loath to share information on new products lest their competitors try to copy them–or you decide not to buy the cars they already have on dealer lots. Car companies, though, are simply groups of people, and some of them have a hard time keeping secrets. So, we poke, we prod, we cajole, and we uncover information that becomes the basis for our annual Sneak Preview issue. As always, some of our information is educated guesswork based on hints, insinuations, hunches. Make no mistake, though, these cars are on their way, even though details may change. Ladies and gentlemen: our list of 136 cars coming over the next few years…

2010 Sport Wagon

Unless you count the Ghostbusters ambulance and the occasional hearse, Cadillac has never built a station wagon. So the CTS Sport Wagon, on sale early this summer, is a real departure for the brand, but it’s one that we fully support.

Buyers will be able to choose from two direct-injection V-6s, the 304-hp, 3.6-liter already used in the sedan and a new 3.0-liter making about 260 hp, which will also be the base engine in the 2010 sedan.

THANK THE EUROPEANS: The station wagon is the first spin-off from the CTS, Cadillac’s best-selling car. A second variant, the CTS coupe, has been delayed until summer 2010. Given the sad state of U.S. wagon sales, we’d never have seen this model except for the fact that station wagons are all the rage in Europe (where Cadillac, until recently, was trying to expand).


The new Cadillac SRX, set to go on sale this summer, uses an altogether different approach than the last SRX. Most noticeably, it shrinks five inches in length and more than two inches in height. This downsizing means that the Caddy loses its optional third-row seats but more closely competes with the best-selling .

Under its skin, the changes are even more pronounced. In place of the old, rear-wheel-drive CTS platform, the SRX now uses a version of the front-wheel-drive architecture. The transverse engine layout means that the lusty-but thirsty-Northstar V-8 is gone. In its place are two smaller V-6s: a 265-hp 3.0-liter and a 300-hp, 2.8-liter turbo. Both get a six-speed automatic. All-wheel drive is optional on the base car, standard on the turbo.

NOT JUST SMALLER AND MORE EFFICIENT, IT’S CHEAPER, TOO: Expect pricing to drop from the current model’s $41,235 base and align more closely with, yes, the RX350, which starts at $37,625.

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2010 Cadillac CTS

2010 Cadillac CTS

MSRP $35,165 Base RWD Sedan


16 City / 26 Hwy

Safety (IIHS):


Horse Power:

270 @ 7000