2009 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

Rumors about the Bugatti Veyron going topless are true. The production Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport will debut later this month at Pebble Beach. After its unveiling, the chance to buy the very first Grand Sport will be auctioned off at the Gooding auction located in the Equestrian Center at Pebble Beach.

Details aren’t yet available, but there’s no reason to believe the car will lose; any of its famed 1001 hp, or that the price will be less than the stratospheric $1.4 million, or so, that a “base” Veyron runs. Bugatti is promising “innovative structural solutions” to keep the car from crumpling like an empty beer can when the fury of the 16.4-liter quad-turbo W-16 is unleashed.