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2009 Aston Martin One-77

Fear not; that nomenclature is merely a working title, helping to express just how limited this car’s production will be. At the very most, only 77 examples will be lovingly crafted by Aston’s workers.

We’re told the One-77, which uses a carbon-fiber chassis, will utilize an all-aluminum body that’s completely hand crafted. From the shadowy figure released by Aston’s PR office, the car looks somewhat similar to current Astons, albeit with a more muscular stature.

Like the rendering, much of the car’s details also lurk in the shadows. Aston Martin says the One-77 will use a 7.0-liter V-12, which we hear may produce close to 600 hp. Rumor has it the car will achieve a 0-62 mph time in four seconds and a top speed of over 200 mph – placing the One-77 squarely in super car territory.

Of course, the power and prestige comes at an expense – a price tag rumored to be over 1 million, which converts to somewhere around $1.9 million. There’s no word on if the car will come stateside, but if you’re seriously hoping it does, you may want to hit the car’s website at www.one-of-77.com and start contacting Aston’s salespeople.

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