2009 Aston Martin Lagonda Concept

Ever since its purchase by Aston Martin in 1947, the Lagonda brand has played second fiddle to the firm’s sports cars. That may well change, as Aston Martin’s announced it intends to revive the brand, offering this – the 2009 Lagonda concept – as proof of its intent.

Certainly, it doesn’t look like an Aston Martin, but apart from the 1964 Rapide (built from the Aston Martin DB4) and seven sedans built from the 1975 DBS coupe, few ever have. Some, like the wildly angular 1976 model, have pushed the envelope of automotive styling.

We suppose we could say the same about the 2009 Lagonda concept. If there’s any hint of DBS or One-77 in the styling, we’re not seeing it. In fact, we’re barely seeing any traditional Lagonda cues, apart from the large grille, thick C-pillar, and rotund trunk lid. Some elements, like the headlamps and taillamps, bear a surprising resemblance to those on recent Kia designs.

Aston calls the Lagonda a “four-seat international tourer,” which we take to mean as a crossover. Indeed, the Lagonda is an all-wheel-drive vehicle, and its short overhangs, tall stance, and large 22-inch wheels suggest it’s made to traverse surfaces other than tarmac. We’re told the concept uses a V-12 for power; we’d guess it’s the same 6.0-liter V-12 found in the DB9.

We’d imagine a production Lagonda to make do with a number of components culled from Aston Martin’s parts bin, but possibly even Mercedes-Benz‘s. Rumor has it the German luxury division has been tapped to provide its expertise – and possibly even a vehicle platform – for Lagonda’s use.