2008 Woodward Dream Cruise

If sitting in gridlock traffic along Woodward Avenue on Thursday night sounds stupid, I willingly did the same all day on Saturday.  Then again, it wasn’t just any traffic – it was officially the 2008 Woodward Dream Cruise, and the traffic was made up of all sorts of weird and wonderful vehicles.

Although this homologation-spec Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 was moving considerably slower than it did in its Group B rally days, it still proved elusive to my camera.  Go figure.

I wouldn’t argue that, in their day, Dodge Darts weren’t commonfare.  A Dodge Dart wagon, however, is considerably harder to come by.  This car, which looks to be a ’65, was in great shape.

Even the Michigan State Police got into the act, bringing their lone remaining Fox-body Mustang Special Service coupe down from Lansing to patrol the boulevard.

Pity the driver of this 1967 AMC Marlin.  Seems the Kenosha iron underhood was suffering from vapor-lock, making the car and its passengers sitting ducks in the middle of Woodward traffic.  Fortunately, we saw the car up and running later in the afternoon.

Think that Peugeot wasn’t quirky enough for you?  I spotted a few British Fords, including this amazingly well-kept Anglia Thames panel van sitting by 14 Mile Road and Woodward.

OK, so I wasn’t able to hit the ‘NextCruise’ this year (maybe next?), but I did witness some small gatherings of electric vehicles at an event dominated by dinosaur-fueled machines.  One example was this Jet Electrica van – hey, any Subaru Sambar microvan powered by lead-acid batteries is sure to win my affection.

I didn’t major in marketing, but I’m willing to guess if I were launching a new Camaro, I’d take full advantage of an event that celebrates past Camaros and attracts droves of Camaro fanatics.  Sadly, GM didn’t seem to share this mentality – you’re looking at the only advert we saw for the car during the cruise.

And speaking of the car, we only saw one Camaro – the red RS model featured in our early stories – present at the cruise.  No, no one fired it up.  And no, it didn’t occasionally make its way down Woodward Avenue.  A shame; even the SSR had the honor of taking to the street during its launch.  Then again, perhaps Chevy’s hoping the Camaro won’t follow that car’s path…

I came across this comparison test in Birmingham.  To be truthful, I’m still not sure which – the Gremlin or the cardboard box – is more aerodynamic.

Visitors to Saturn’s stand could enter to win this: a ‘limited edition’ Bon Jovi-edition Outlook.  We kid you not, and outside of a few crazy logos on the crossover, we couldn’t tell how it differed from a regular XE model – although I’m hoping there’s a Flowbee in the center console.

A mini-parade of Ford movie cars formed in Birmingham, led by this Batmobile clone (the original was built from the Lincoln Futura show car)…

…and followed by this LTD.  If you’ve not had the honor of seeing one of these babies go full-keel around the corner, may we remind you that Hawaii Five-0 is conveninently now on DVD…

Say what you will about K-cars, but our copy editor here will knife-fight anyone who says these cars aren’t ‘klassics’ in their own right.

Ah, the lonely Corvan.  This may well be the ideal vehicle for taking your friends and family through the cruise: it’s a classic, has room for six to nine people plus a cooler or two, and is virtually incapable of overheating.  Perfect.

Amidst a pack of angry F-bodies was this: a beige 1977 Toyota Celica.  Thumbs-up for federalized bumpers!

On paper, the idea of restoring a milk truck seems odd.  In reality, a restored Divco is delightful.  The Chrysler Airflow-meets-postal truck styling changed little over its lifespan, making it hard to place the vintage of this truck.

Insert your own ‘goes to dogs’ comment here.  I saw so many examples of this, I’m out of both fresh and recycled material.

I saw a few grey-market import Skyline GT-Rs throughout the weekend, but the award for hottest JDM-import goes to this: a 1991 Nissan Figaro convertible in pale green.  Whadd’ya mean, joking?  I’m dead serious.

Nash Metropolitans are cool, but who knew Cragar made alloys in 11-inch diameter?

It’s a cluttered shot, but when’s the last time you saw an early-60s International Travellall in this shape?  I thought as much.

Continuing with that SUV-theme, someone had a nice Jeep Commando parked on a side street.

Yes, it’s a freakin’ bus, but let’s look at the context of this photo.  Unbeknownst to the driver, he managed to park his (mostly original) 1954 GM PD-4104 no more than two blocks from where it was built 54 years ago in Pontiac, Michigan.


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