2008 Suzuki Kizashi 3 Concept

[cars name="Suzuki"] has been refining its Kizashi concept since the first iteration took the stage in Frankfurt last fall. Now we’re looking at the final Kizashi concept. Each of the three Kizashi concepts has been closer to the eventual production car than the last. Show goers will have the chance to examine all three concepts and notice how the design has progressed.

Concept Kizashi 3 is powered by a 3.6-liter V-6 engine that produces 300 hp. The six-speed automatic transmission offers drivers the option of using paddle shifters or letting the computer control the shifts. Given the current push for increased fuel economy, it would make sense to offer a production version of the Kizashi in front-wheel drive form as well as all-wheel drive, which is found on the concept. We’ll have to wait for the production car to make its debut sometime before 2010 to find out for sure.

Kizashi 3 looks great, especially the very Lexus-like treatment of the dual exhaust outlets. It’s not very likely this particular feature will make production, so enjoy it while you can. The large 21-inch rims are also going to disappear by the time the new sedan hits the road, but they enhance the performance image Suzuki is striving for with Kizashi 3.

Exterior design cues are supposed to draw from the successful GSX-R sport bike line, which would lend some sporting credibility to the new sedan. The future production sedan will be the flagship vehicle for the Suzuki brand and will be roughly the same size as a or once it reaches dealers.

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