Future Cars

2008 Smart Fortwo Coupe and Cabriolet

They’re serious this time: Smart is finally coming to the U.S. after an official debut at the 2007 Detroit show, complete with a big “Coming to the USA in 2008” banner that’s visible from across Cobo Hall. While our version of the car will be nearly indentical, the vehicle shown at Detroit is a European model-our model lines and interior packages have not yet been finalized.

The Smart Fortwo was launched in October 1998 and DaimlerChrysler has sold over 770,000 copies of the first generation model. The Smart we will get is a new, second generation that does not change too much in terms of appearance, but is claimed to be more comfortable, more agile, and safer than the outgoing car. Whether that claim is enough to convince Americans to hit streets full of Suburbans and eighteen-wheelers will be seen early next year when DCX and Roger Penske’s UnitedAuto Group begin distributing the Smart in the U.S.