2008 Opel Agila

The tiny, cute Opel Agila is Opel’s attempt at redesigning one of its more popular small cars. Over the course of the last-generation Agila’s production run, over 440,000 examples of the diminutive five-door hatch were sold in Europe; the Agila name may not quite roll off American tongues (“Run! IT’S THE AGILA MONSTER!”), but they certainly rolled out of European dealers quickly enough. Predictably, Opel decided to play it safe with the car’s redesign for 2008. As such, it retains the previous car’s basic proportions and layout.

In spite of its small size, the Agila boasts some fairly impressive numbers. Aerodynamic drag is a relatively low 0.35, and the base engine — what Opel calls an “almost one-liter, four-valve, three-cylinder unit” — produces a ground-thumping 65 hp. (Laugh, but it’s a small, light car.) If you’re looking for a tire-burning, wheel-spinnin’ good time, an available 1.2-liter four produces a whopping 86 horses.

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