2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Production Car

Following on the heels of the Prototype X Concept shown at Detroit, Mitsubishi has released this picture of the final, production-ready, 2008 Lancer Evolution. This is what the Evo will look like screaming down U.S. streets in the first quarter of ’08, but since interior pictures haven’t been released, we still don’t know what the view from the driver’s seat is like. You’ll notice we didn’t call it the Evolution X, because it won’t wear the Roman numeral here. Because we didn’t get Evos I through VII, Mitsubishi feels that most Americans won’t understand the numbering system. The decision is consistent with current U.S.-spec models. Horsepower figures still haven’t been announced, but expect a figure above 300. And while the term “six-speed automated manual transmission” sounds a bit vague, we’ve been told it will have more in common with Volkswagen‘s DSG box than BMW‘s less popular SMG transmission.