2008 Mercedes Benz S600 Guard Pullman Limousine

Feel like taking a trip through downtown Baghdad but a HUMMER H1 isn’t comfortable enough and a regular S-class doesn’t have the proper level of security? Fear not-a new Pullman Limousine-the Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard Pullman-is in the works, and it’s just the car to ensure a safe journey through urban war zones.

If the name Pullman sounds familiar, that’s because the name has been given to extra-long wheelbase Benzes with the grandest of rear passenger compartments.; The name actually dates back to luxurious railroad sleeping cars, but Mercedes-Benz has used the name since 1928, when a Pullman version of the W 08/460 Nurburg model debuted. Since then, the name has become legendary and some older models sell for high six-digit prices at auctions. The S600 promises to be the finest Pullman yet.

It has been tested to a B6/B7 resistance level by state-approved organizations, and further requirements have been certified by independent organizations. That translates to military-grade call-arms projectile resistance and protection from hand grenade fragments. Run-flat tires are obviously used, and the S600 Guard also has a self-sealing fuel tank and a fire-extinguishing system. All of these elements are integrated into the bodyshell, rather than being retrofitted, so the car’s structure as a whole is further reinforced. No expenses have been spared to make the finest, most secure vehicle in the world. The first models are expected to roll out of Sindelfingen (where specialists equip the base car) in late 2008.


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