2008 Loremo LS Concept

The Loremo – that’s LOw REsistance MObility – LS is probably the closest thing we’ve seen to the car of the future. It was first shown last year at the last year’s Geneva Auto Show, but that was just a non-functional concept. The model that will be at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show is a working prototype.

Thanks to a weight of less than 1000 pounds and an extremely low drag coefficient, the car reaches unheard- of fuel efficiency levels. Using a 1.5-liter two-cylinder turbodiesel engine, the LS is projected to drive travel up to 117 miles per on a single gallon of fuel. Loremo claims that they will be able to sell the whole package for under 11,000 Euros, which is less than $15,000.

We should hear more about the Loremo soon, as it is one of the first cars scheduled to compete for the Automotive X-Prize. The competition is – a cross-country race that will be held in 2009, with all entrants being required to drive obtain at least one hundred miles per gallon. In addition, each car must be able to pass US safety tests, which Loremo said the LS should be able to do.

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