2008 Hyundai Accent SE 3 door

Hyundai may be trying to move upmarket but it still does small and inexpensive quite well.

There is no question that the Hyundai Accent is an economy car, from the lack of exterior frills to the very basic, mostly plastic interior. That being said I was pleasantly surprised by a number of things the Accent does well for its price. The plastics are hard but the fit is quite good. The seats are a touch firm and flat but are comfortable and have four different adjustors to help the driver find just the right spot. The car is civil and quite enjoyable in around-town driving. It won’t win any races, but the Accent’s 110-hp, 4-cylinder engine is peppy—the 5-speed manual probably helped—and the suspension is composed over broken pavement. It’s econo-car roots really show on the highway, though, where exceeding 75 mph could be hazardous to your hearing.