2008 Honda CR V Advertising Makes no Sense

Honda’s CR-V reads minds. In other news, I’m apparently craving sandwiches and fat, hairy pigs. Good thing they told me.

Ahh, the glories of marketing and tricky math. Honda wants you to know that its CR-V can read what you crave, in what we can only assume is an odd/only partially successful play on the Japanese SUV’s name. If you go to the link below, you’ll be digitally shuttled into the cockpit of a CR-V and prodded with a seemingly endless raft of questions (Is it animal? Is it vegetable? Did it ever win an Emmy?), all in the name of figuring out the source of your craving.

Me, I clicked a bunch of random answers, and two minutes later, the CR-V announced triumphantly that I was achin’ for some pot-bellied bacon. Another bunch of random answers and a few more minutes later, and I was given a ghostly sandwich floating in the CR-V’s trunk. (The screen capture above was taken mid-float; the sandwich actually dances around the cargo area.)

Nope, we don’t know what it means either. All I know is that I have this sudden urge to go find a fat pig. And some white bread. Go figure.