2007 Ford Verve Concept

Earlier this year, we played with a European Ford Fiesta on the brilliant roads of Wales. After three days, we came away impressed with the small Ford’s balanced chassis dynamics and its overall package. Now Ford has the Verve concept, basically showing us what the next generation Fiesta will look like. But why should Americans care about a European Fiesta? Because Ford is talking about bringing this small hatchback to the USA as an entry level car, below the Focus, to battle it out with the likes of the and .

The Verve’s styling carries the kinetic design theme seen on Ford’s S-Max MPV and new Mondeo in Europe. The Verve features eighteen-inch wheels and a unique, B-pillarless design, giving it a coupe-like profile. Inside, the center console looks similar to the laser-cut keypad of newer Motorola mobile phones and is said to be extremely ergonomic and intuitive to use. Overall, the Verve represents a much bolder approach to small car design than we are used to seeing from the blue oval and it looks very good.

We just hope Ford does indeed sell their next Fiesta in the USA. We love the way that European Fords drive and we are tired of recycled versions of the first generation Focus being the only small Fords available in America.

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