2008 Dodge Viper Eligible for Employee Pricing

Here’s some good news for Chrysler employees: you’re now eligible to receive employee pricing on a 2009 Dodge Viper.

Years ago, it used to hold that new, high-performance, and flagship models weren’t available for employees to purchase at a discount. That glass ceiling seems to be shattered, as current employees and retirees are now able to cash in what’s left of their savings on a new SRT-10 coupe or roadster.
Seeing as we’re not employed under the auspices of Mother Mopar, we don’t have the exact employee pricing figures. Still, we’re told that employee pricing typically shaves approximately seven- to nine-percent off a car’s MSRP. Judging by our guestimates, that could shave approximately $6100 to $9000 from the $88,385 base price of an SRT-10 roadster.
The caveats? For starters, the car’s still not cheap – eighty-eight grand is still a heck of a lot of money, and that’s before we factor in gas guzzler tax ($2300), options, and the cost of pumping sixteen gallons of 93-octane fuel into the snake’s belly.
Secondly, Chrysler employees pining for an ACR coupe can forget it – the track-tuned supersnake isn’t applicable for the deal. Third, this isn’t an “employee pricing for all” sales drive – these prices are available primarily to employees and retirees of the Pentastar – along with their “friends and family.”
There is an exception however – the same release notes that employees of Wal-Mart are now eligible for the employee pricing plan. We may be cynical, but we’re not expecting droves of Vipers parked at the house that Sam built anytime soon…
Source: The Scoop

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