2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 takes to the streets

I rumbled up to the light at Jackson and Dexter in our sweet looking, aircraft carrier-sized Dodge Challenger. Was the guy in the Accord coupe next to me honking at me?

I casually looked over. He had thrown himself across the woman in the passenger’s seat and was waving his hands all That car is so COOL! and smiling like his face was going to break. I gave him a thumbs-up, and looked forward. Then I looked back. He was still going crazy, but his window was rolled up. So I gave him another thumbs-up. Then I rolled my window down and he did the same.

“Oh my God! Where did you get it? It’s not for sale yet!!” he shouted.
“That’s true,” I didn’t answer him.
The light changed.
“You are a BEAST!” he shouted, with a beatific look on his face.

Which, to me, meant that BEAST was a good thing.