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2008 Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell Diary – Day Five

Day 5

I wish the Equinox’s navigation system, a standard GM navigation/radio unit, had one-tenth the smarts of the high-tech powertrain. Admittedly, the convoluted road system of Westchester County is plenty confusing, but that’s what navigation is supposed to help with. This system has screwed up three times in the last few days, needlessly detouring me through the village of Briarcliff Manor when there’s a direct connection from route 9A south to the Taconic Parkway; sending me from the Saw Mill Parkway to the Taconic to 9A when one can go straight from the Saw Mill to 9A; and then there’s its strange fascination with I-287. It sent me off of the Saw Mill onto I-287 only to have me turn around one exit later and come back the other way on I-287 to, yes, reconnect with the Saw Mill. It’s like having a nitwit brother-in-law riding shotgun telling you where to go and constantly screwing you up.

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