2008 Chevrolet Malibu Is today teaser day?

The official image of the new mid-size Chevy is released, and where else would the focus be but on a better interior?

Back in August, the first spy photos surfaced of a newer meaner Malibu. Now, Chevrolet has confirmed that their new mid-size sedan will be revealed at the Detroit show in January. It will do battle with a myriad of new competitors, including the Chrysler Sebring, the Toyota Camry, the Kia Optima-so it had better be impressive. From the photos we’ve seen, the exterior will be edgier and aggressive, and some pundits originally thought the car was a new Impala.

Wisely, Chevrolet is focusing a lot of attention on the interior, moving from the cheap, Power Wheels-grade stuff of the current model. To draw more attention to this, the only picture of the car released so far is the two-toned leather interior you see here. It was joined by a press release about the dedication to using higher-quality materials and cleaner designs. While the picture here does show a huge improvement in design, we’re concerned that the quality still won’t be there. We saw the same thing with the Saturn Aura, whose concept interior shape survived the cost-cutting, but a lot of the production plastics turned cheap and hard. The familiar seats, gear selector, and steering wheel in the picture are the main areas of concern. But only time will tell, and maybe the final product will surprise us. Check back in January for full coverage of the Malibu from Detroit.