2008 Chevrolet GPiX Concept

We’ll admit it: we don’t closely follow the Brazilian auto show circuit. That said, the Chevrolet GPiX concept, unveiled at the 2008 Sao Paulo motor show, is an interesting creation.

GM refers to the concept as a “crossover coupe;” indeed, its side view does resemble a Saturn (Opel/Vauxhall) Astra, but with a tremendous amount of ground clearance. Designers believe Brazilian customers are looking for vehicles that combine the sporty design of cars with the off-road capabilities required to traverse many South American roads, and the GPiX may be just that.
Though it is a bit derivative of the Astra, designers did see fit to incorporate multiple cues associated with Chevrolet’s design DNA, including the swept headlamps and split-bar grille. Though both front and rear fascias are reminiscent of the larger Traverse crossover, we think they smoothly transition into the GPiX’s form.
Inside, the GPiX draws from both the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze and Volt, mixing the fabric-covered dashboard of the Cruze with the digital LCD instrumentation expected in the production Volt. GM says the GPiX is also fitted with a Bluetooth system and an MP3 player hookup, both reportedly uncommon features in the Brazilian market.
And, should the GPiX ever reach an assembly line, that’s just where it’ll stay. North Americans have been teased with crossover coupes in the past (remember the Saturn PreVue concept?), but we doubt a vehicle with less than five doors would find acceptance in our market.


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