2008 BMW M5 Touring

[cars name="BMW"] will be showing its recently announced M5 Touring at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. Enjoy the pictures, because we won’t be getting this wagon in North America. That’s a huge shame, because it is — with the possible exception of the Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon — the best grocery-getter on the market today.

Your humble servants here at Automobile Magazine drool over high-performance wagons like this M5 Touring. It has all of the versatility of a regular 5-series wagon, and all of the performance of an M5. That means you can fold the rear seats, insert a small refrigerator into the cargo hold, and still blow away some of the world’s fastest sports cars.

The Touring shares the sedan’s 5.0-liter, 500-hp, 8250-rpm V-10, and 7-speed SMG transmission, so straight-line performance is similar – BMW says the five-door will accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds, which is only 0.1 second slower than the sedan.

More importantly, the wagon can keep up with the sedan when the road curves, as it also shares the M5’s adaptive suspension, limited-slip differential, and brakes. The Touring adds self-leveling rear suspension in the rear (to deal with the weight of the aforementioned refrigerator) and all of the other features and options of lesser 5-series wagons, including a panoramic sunroof. Oh, and a trailer hitch. The M5 Touring can tow up to 4000 lb. Who needs an SUV?

Wagons are inherently less structurally rigid than their sedan siblings because the sedans use the rear seatbacks and glass as structural members. BMW addressed this by adding M-specific reinforcements in the cargo area. It also made sure the M5 Touring looks as aggressive as the sedan by including the M5’s trademark quad exhaust pipes and fender vents in addition to side skirts and more aggressive front and rear fascias.

We wish BMW would give us the M5 Touring – even if it were available only on special-order-only basis like the Mercedes E63 AMG. We will keep hoping, because the M5 Touring is quite possibly the most desirable daily driver for the impatient enthusiast.

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2008 BMW M5

MSRP $83,900 Base Sedan


11 City / 17 Hwy

Horse Power:

500 @ 7750


383 @ 6100