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2008 BMW 3-series Convertible

The 3-series convertible is a no-brainer pick for our top spot. After all, the sedan upon which it’s based was our Automobile of the Year in 2006, and practically everyone in the office wants their own personal 330i after driving our Four Seasons sedan for a year.

This retractable-hard-top convertible is available with your choice of two 3.0-liter engines – the $43,200 328i makes 230 horsepower, and for $49,100, you can buy a twin-turbocharged, 300-horsepower 335i. Chopping the roof off of the 3-series doesn’t seem to affect its carved-from-granite structure, and lets you enjoy the acoustic delights of the inline-sixes.

The 3-series tends to be the answer to enthusiasts’ daily-driver needs, and the convertible is no exception. It’s a quiet cruiser with the top up, it has back seats that fit real humans, and it’s built better than some cars costing twice as much. No-brainer indeed.

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