2007 Volvo C30 by IPD

The first thing you notice about this 2006 SEMA concept is the blue paint and yellow racing stripe – a nod to the Swedish flag. Then, you see the quad fog lamps, evil-look headlights, and other exterior detailing. The big story is under the hood though – this concept puts out 384 horsepower, and it accomplishes that using both a turbocharger and a supercharger!

That’s right, it uses a KKK turbo and a Lysholm supercharger, and even though that peak horsepower number is impressive, it’s the torque number that’s really astonishing. The boys at IPD tuned this 2.5-liter for big block performance. The supercharger provides 6 psi of boost from 2000rpm up, when the turbo takes over. The result is 408 lb-ft of torque at 2200rpm. Concerns about the longevity of Volvo‘s normally bullet-proof six-speed manual transmission are somewhat quelled by the fact that this C30 remains front-wheel drive. That means, of course, that most of that torque will wind up in wheelspin – but a Quaife limited-slip differential will ensure that it always lays two black strips of rubber on the road.

A fully adjustable KW coil-over kit provides two inches of slammage, and a rear sway bar helps to make the C30’s follow-the-front rear end a little more playful. Super deep-dish Pentasport five-spoke rims work as great frames for the thirteen-inch IPD dimpled rotors.

Once you enter through the C30 IPD’s gullwing doors, you’ll be blinded with the Vibrant Blue and Screaming Yellow ultra-suede on the seats and dash. And deafened by the Alpine touch-screen audio system.

But with more than 400 lb-ft of torque at low revs and front-wheel drive, who cares about the inside? If we were driving, all the styling upgrades will be completely obscured by tire smoke – this C30 has got to be the ultimate burnout machine!

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