2007 Volvo C30 by Heiko Sportiv

In partnership with Burton Snowboards from Burlington, Vermont, Frankfurt, Germany-based tuning company Heiko customized this Swedish Volvo C30 for SEMA 2006. That’s three countries involved in one outdoorsy-looking compact. Volvo says it has three personalities, too. It’s part Paris-Dakar raider, part efficient weekend gear hauler, and part stylish, sporty performer.

For the gear-hauler missions, the cargo compartment has an integrated snowboard storage system with custom blue LED lighting that makes sure people notice (and, unfortunately, steal) your outdoorsy stuff.

Heico added a full body kit to this C30, which includes a unique front fascia with cornering lights, a new grille, side skirts, fender flares, and a rear skirt. Under the stock hood, though, resides a turbocharged version of Volvo’s 2.5-liter inline five. The turbo boosts output to 300 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque, and breathes through a Heico stainless steel exhaust with quad tips.

The tuners at Heico reckon, rather correctly, that front-wheel drive may not be sufficient for this much power – especially given this C30’s ambitious all-weather mission. So it installed a custom Haldex all-wheel drive system – not exactly a drop-in feat.

The C30 Heico rides on eighteen-inch wheels, and stops using blue four-piston Heico calipers working on slotted, oversize rotors. Inside, it has modified Volvo sport seats with custom, hand-trimmed leather and other detail upgrades. And, of course, the requisite iPod interface and ten speakers.

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