2007 Volvo C30 Concept

This concept closely resembles the sporty compact coupe that will debut in production form at the Paris motor show in September. The stylish two-tone paint and nineteen-inch wheels will probably never see the showroom, but the S40 face, defined haunches, and cool glass liftgate are essentially the real deal. Although the C30 is nine inches shorter than an S40, Volvo claims that the C30 offers sufficient rear-seat legroom to make the car a true four-seater and not just a two-plus-two. The rear hatch permits access to a small cargo hold that grows exponentially with the rear seats folded flat. The front-wheel-drive C30 concept’s 260-hp output is a pipe dream; we’d expect the C30’s engines to match the S40’s 168-to-215-hp range. Not long ago, a Volvo like this would be marketing suicide, but the success of the Mini Cooper and the suggest that premium small hatchbacks can find buyers in the American market.

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