2007 Subaru G4e Concept

– Five-seat, four-door hatchback
– Electric motor
– Lithium-ion battery located beneath the floor
– Claimed 124-mile range
– Name means “Green for the earth”

Subaru says: “Amidst diversifying lifestyles, we aspire for a lifestyle with automobiles to become more accessible and exciting.”

We say: The G4e concept isn’t terribly interesting from a design standpoint (its treehugger green paint is perhaps its most visually distinctive feature); it’s more of a rolling showcase for the latest battery technology.

Subaru claims that this car’s vanadium lithium-ion battery stores twice the energy of a manganese lithium-ion battery. Special charging stations could recharge it to 80 percent capacity in only 15 minutes (a full recharge at home would take 8 hours).