2007 Subaru Exiga Concept

– Seats seven
– 2.0-liter turbocharged boxer four, all-wheel drive (naturally)
– Giant moonroof
– Side-view cameras, LED headlamps

Subaru says: “A Touring 7-seater for an exhilarating and liberating drive”

We say: This seven-seat, high-roofed wagon concept had a minimum of amount of show-car fantasy nonsense. The sobriety of its presentation combined with its production-ready appearance suggests that the Exiga is a thinly disguised preview of an upcoming production model. Recent spy photos have caught a very similar car doing hot-weather testing, and speculation is that it could be the next-generation Forester. If so, the wee crossover will be going up considerably in size (the Exiga’s wheelbase is 108 inches, versus 99 inches for today’s Forester), not to mention gaining a third row of seats. But hey, that same formula has worked for Toyota with the RAV4.