Future Cars

2007 Porsche Cayman

The new Cayman (minus the S) is not the lightest, cheapest, or cutest Porsche, but it may be the smartest one to buy. What the 245-hp, 2.7-liter flat six lacks in low-end vim it more than makes up in 7300-rpm vigor; lighter engine internals and electric throttle response hurl a heavy-footed operator to 60 mph in less than six seconds on the way to 160 mph. The stout coupe body and mid-engine layout are the ideal serving tray for the chassis engineers’ most inspired work. And a base price that’s barely over $50,000 means that “value” and “Porsche” can share a sentence. Upgrades–such as a six-speed manual, sport seats, eighteen- or nineteen-inch wheels, a navigation system, active dampers, and the Sport Chrono Package–are dear, so don’t linger too long over the options list.