2007 Nissan Intima Concept

– V-6 diesel engine
– Suicide doors that open almost 180 degrees, no B-pillar
– Windshield and glass roof formed from a single glass panel
– Floating, curved-wood console

Nissan says: “The inspiration came from imagining a situation where a person who has accumulated many life experiences and successes now wants to spend his or her own time, or time together as a couple, in an elegant environment.”

We say: This sleek, four-seat sedan emphasizes interior design, but given that its exterior dimensions are within spitting distance of the current Maxima‘s (less than 2 inches longer overall and riding on the same, 111-inch, wheelbase), we wonder if the Intima also provides an early look at the styling of the next-generation Maxima. If so, we would advise Nissan not to drop the Maxima name; Intima sounds like a brand of condoms.

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