2007 Mercedes C-Class Wagon

We like wagons. And we hate that Mercedes isn’t bringing us their newest C-Class wagon. The last C-Class wagon was pulled from the U.S. lineup due to weak sales, and Mercedes doesn’t see enough improvement in the wagon market to justify bringing us their newest version.

The new C-Class sedan is a wonderful car and the wagon version should be the same story – with more space. The wagon’s overall cargo capacity grows by a not insignificant five cubic feet, and features such as a power tailgate trickle down from big-brother E-Class wagon. Engine offerings are the same as the European C-Class sedan – a plethora of diesel and gasoline powerplants.

Rumors say that we may also see a version of the wagon at Frankfurt that would cause us to consider selling our first born to own – the C63 AMG wagon. How about it Mercedes? If you can bring us the CLK63 AMG Black Series, why can’t we have a limited run of the C63 AMG wagon in the States?

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