2007 Mazda Hakaze Concept

What’s that saying? Good things come in threes? Whatever the saying is, Mazda has revealed its third installment of the “flow” series of show cars. This third car is called “Hakaze”, a combination of the words “leaf” and “wind” in Japanese. A small crossover, the Hakaze maintains the sporty look and feel of the previous two concepts while taking the design into a whole new segment.

The Hakaze was designed to appeal to a slightly older crowd than the Nagare and Ryuga: Mazda envisions active thirty- and forty-somethings that have an affection for kite sailing and base jumping. Do these people exist? Never mind–the Hakaze looks cool, and has all the expected show car gadgets and toys. Those include a removable roof panel, LCD screens everywhere, and WiFi–which is of utmost importance whilst perched on the edge of a cliff packing a parachute into a backpack…


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2016 Mazda CX-5

Fair Market Price $23,178 Grand Touring AWD
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26 City / 35 Hwy

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34 / 65 cu. ft.