2007 Lancia Musa Concept

Hooray! It’s the new Lancia Musa! It’s got 75 more liters of luggage capacity and a new Lancia logo and a transparent sunroof and . . . and . . .

Wait! Come back! Ok. Fine. So you may not be *completely* overjoyed — or, you know, even aware – that the new Lancia Musa is a much better car than the old one. Regardless, though, you need to know about it; the previous Musa was the best-selling compact people-mover in Italy, and it’s one of the more successful cars from one of Italy’s most famous and storied marques.

That said, there isn’t that much that you need to know. There are three available Multijet turbodiesel fours (Lancia calls the 1.9-liter unit a “round, elastic” powerplant); a 1.9-liter that produces 100 hp is the top of the line engine. Two 1.3-liter diesel units, producing 70 and 90 hp, are also available, as are two gasoline fours (a 1.4-liter unit that delivers 77 hp, or a 1.4-liter “Fire” engine producing 95 hp). A sequential manual gearbox (Huh? On a Lancia econobox people mover?) can be fitted to any of the available engines. There. See? Was that so bad? Now go run off and play; you’ve learned your piece of useless information for the week.

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