2007 Honda Puyo Concept

– Rounded shape is supposed to be pedestrian-friendly
– Body is made of a soft gel rather than sheetmetal
– Scissor doors, all-glass canopy
– Lights glow through the gel panels
– Joystick replaces steering wheel
– Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell
– Minuscule size, yet seats four

Honda says: “Puyo is a Japanese word that embodies the tactile traits of this unique car. Puyo is meant to convey all that is warm and friendly, and put a smile on the face of users and pedestrians.”

We say: The tiny cube shape has been the all the rage at this show for a while (and more so this year than ever), but the Puyo still contains plenty of bizarre yet intriguing totally out-there thinking, which is exactly what we love about the Tokyo show.

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