2007 Ford Interceptor Concept: Four-door Mustang

With a front fascia that looks like the angry end of a steel-toe boot, a power bulge for the long hood, and a 400-hp, 5.0-liter V-8, the Interceptor is serious business.

The styling comes from Ford‘s attempt to apply the overall look of last year’s Super Chief concept–quite possible the ugliest, largest, truck-iest truck ever–to a passenger car. We say the look is more successful here, but it still isn’t very attractive to some of our eyes. Other think it’s gorgeous.

The interior is decidedly Spartan, with hidden audio and climate controls plus exposed gates for the six-speed manual transmission. Ford also used the Interceptor as a preview for possible future safety devices, including four-point belts up front and inflatable (!) belts for rear occupants.