2007 Daihatsu D-Compact X-Over Concept

Desiring to have a big hit in the B-segment, Daihatsu‘s parent company, Toyota, commissioned Giugiaro to do this design. The X-over concept may look far from production with its airy glass roof and gorgeous Italian interior, but a very similar version is set to go on sale in Europe in the near future. Dodge surprised everyone with the B-segment Hornet last year, and now Daihatsu is following the lead with a great-looking tall compact. Since Daihatsus aren’t sold in the U.S., don’t expect to see a production X-over around here any time soon, but the growing popularity of the segment might inspire someone to take the risk and bring a B-car in the next few years. After recently penning a deal with Chinese automaker Chery, it could very well be the aforementioned Dodge.