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2007 Chevrolet Suburban LTZ

Long-Term 2007 Chevrolet Suburban Update: Summer 2006 Miles to date: 0

Black: it’s the perfect color for a Suburban. When he was told that a Four Seasons Suburban was on its way, creative director Richard Eccleston, who hails from England, insisted that our uniquely American machine be painted in just that hue. Senior editor Joe Lorio concurred. “All you need are an earpiece, sunglasses, and a scowl, and you get to play Secret Service,” he observed. Our new-for-2007 Suburban LTZ has nearly every option, including a sunroof and a navigation system. We also specified a rear-view camera for maneuvering the beast in tight quarters. Yes, we know gasoline is three dollars per gallon. Yes, we know the Suburban is one of the largest and thirstiest SUVs on the market. But we hope its displacement-on-demand system will help mitigate the V-8’s appetite for fuel, and we look forward to taking advantage of the Chevy’s E85 flex-fuel capability. And we suspect that, like traditional Suburban buyers–as opposed to those who purchase SUVs for fashion and image–we will have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of its prodigious towing and hauling abilities. Pile in, everybody.

510 miles “I love the tough-looking exterior,” writes road test coordinator Marc Noordeloos. “It’s too bad second-row headroom and structural rigidity are so poor, though. It’s not nearly as solid as our recently departed Land Rover LR3. The chassis shakes and vibrates like a hobby horse.”

745 miles “In my mind, the ‘Burban is the quintessential Chevy. It is handsome but largely functional. The truck is usable and practical,” pens Lorio. “Unfortunately, the driving position is not ideal for me. The Suburban needs a telescoping steering wheel to help it fit a wider range of people.”