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2007 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Remember that dude in high school who drove the Corvette? He had that fifteen-year-old ‘Vette convertible, the one with the rattling hood and sprung doors, the one with the spare gold chains stashed in the glovebox? Remember how he always used to creep you out with his fuzzy dice, and his prominent chest hair, and the way he called women “beetches”? Remember how you always wanted his car, but hated how it made you look?

Well, fear not: Now you too can own a convertible ‘Vette without looking and feeling like a child pornographer or a rising/falling adult film star. Chevrolet‘s sixth-generation Corvette is essentially a tweaked and revised version of the fifth-generation car (no bad thing) but this time around, GM’s engineers have endowed America’s Sports Car with both speed AND class. The combination of a lower beltline and a more open, inviting cockpit has done wonders for the ‘Vette’s curb appeal; you no longer sit at stoplights with the car’s door tops up around your ears, wondering why people are telling their children to “not stare at the strange hairy man in the Corvette.”

The drop-top version of the Corvette recieves the same standard engine as the coupe; its 400-horse small-block V-8 is torquey, relatively high-revving, and stronger than a herd of bulls in heat. The 505-hp Z06 package isn’t available on the convertible, but no matter–this car is as much sports car as profile machine. And for once, it’s a profile that makes you look good.

Base price is $45,745.

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16 City / 26 Hwy

Horse Power:

400 @ 6000


400 @ 4400