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2007 Cadillac XLR, STS, and DTS Platinum Series

It’s not exactly a secret that hip-hop culture loves it some jewelry–and some , too. Funny then, that the Cadillac‘s new-for-’07 “Platinum” series appearance packages won’t be offered for that vehicle. An attempt to pump up the sales of everything else, maybe?

Cadillac describes the Platinum series as a luxury counterpart to the V-series performance line. Vehicles in the Platinum lineup–the XLR, STS, and DTS–will offer “generous use of chrome, authentic wood, and luxurious upholstery.” They’ll also get the hand-crafted interiors that Cadillac has been touting in the 2007 SRX and STS-V.

All three are dressed up with eighteen-inch chrome wheels, chrome grilles and door handles, and illuminated “Platinum” badges on the door sills. The XLR will wear a paint color called liquid amethyst, while the STS will be painted in glacier gold. The DTS will be a simpler ebony black. The XLR and STS Platinums will go on sale in early 2007, but the DTS version won’t be available until August. Caddy probably just needs more time to sew up the big car’s suede headliner.