2007 Bentley Continental GT tuned by LEW

Mix five parts Bentley, one part Bugatti, one part Ferrari, and stir. Then dump your $356,000 exotic down the drain.

Aftermarket replicas have officially moved upmarket. We’ve all seen-and infinitely mocked-Fieros that have been converted to look like Ferraris, and last week we even saw a Lincoln Town Car turned Rolls-Royce Phantom circling the Detroit Metro Airport. Yeah, pretty hot. Apparently, German tuner LEW is worried that the replica market is not reaching out to tasteless buyers with more money than they deserve. What you see here is a Bentley Continental GT featuring a Bugatti hood and horseshoe grille shoved between Audi Q7 headlights, with Ferrari-like rear end grafted on for good measure. LEW’s 100-horsepower boost for the Conti’s W-12 can’t outrun this car’s ugliness. Unveiled at the Essen motor show, the car-called Big Bang-will cost European buyers 270,000 euro, or approximately $356,000, or a little over double the price of the gorgeous Continental GT the Big Bang is based on. We’re excited for LEW to get their greasy paws on a Bugatti Veyron. Maybe they could make a fighter jet body kit, strap in a jet engine, and charge a few wealthy idiots ten million euros to crash one into a tree. As long as they don’t make it look like a space shuttle; that would just be tacky.