2006 Renault Nepta Concept

From the people who brought you such dorkmobiles as the Le Car and the Alliance–and who brought your parents schlock like the Dauphine and the Caravelle (look ’em up)–comes this absolutely gorgeous four-seat convertible concept. The Nepta has not a single dorky line on its flowing, classically proportioned body. Being French, however, it needs some oddity, so the Nepta uses massive gullwing doors that start ahead of the windshield and wrap all the way around behind the rear seats. How, exactly, this would work with the top up Renault doesn’t say, but this car has no top, which is not a problem because it rarely rains inside the Paris Expo Center. If the lack of a top weren’t a big enough clue, it’s obvious this is strictly a show car because it’s powered not by a diesel engine, like every other car in France, but by a 420-hp, 3.5-liter V-6 that runs on gasoline. The Nepta is a fanciful creation indeed; maybe if it shared some of its beauty secrets with the rest of the Renault line, we’d welcome the brand back in the United States.

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